When you visit North Union in person, there is plenty of room to park in our parking lot. Feel free to wear what makes you comfortable. You will see people in jeans and people in suits. You will be greeted by warm and friendly faces. You will probably recognize some people you know from around town.

As you look around and experience our Sunday morning worship, you will notice both traditional and contemporary influences in our worship style and environments.

We are not requiring the wearing of masks or facial coverings but if you are more comfortable wearing one, please do so.  

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the greeters or ushers.


Pastor David is passionate about sharing God's Word with the people of Van Wert! 

He spends much time in study and prayer. 

His goal is to help people engage with God through His powerful Word in order that they might enjoy the fullness and freedom of life with Him!  

You can listen to previous sermons on our Media page.


You can find more information about our nursery and children's church here. Our children's staff and volunteers are highly qualified to work with your children and are annually trained on our child protection policy, which we enforce faithfully. It is our desire that your children have a great experience and that we can partner with parents in the discipleship of their children.


Youth Sunday takes place periodically throughout the year. On these Sundays, the youth lead most or all aspects of the service -- music, technology, prayers, Scripture reading, even preaching! North Union is a church that loves and values its youth and encourages them to lead and participate in worship. Many churches believe their youth are their future. At North Union, we believe our youth are an invaluable part of our present! We believe they have gifts and leadership abilities that we simply cannot do without!